Who Are We

The idea of DeafTawk was coined by individuals who felt a vacuum between the hearing community and the deaf. Wamiq, the Co-Founder at DeafTawk is hard of hearing, and managed to come up with the basic solution to bridge the gap between deaf persons and the hearing community. The main aim is to make communication easier for deaf people with the assistance of sign – language interpreters available online.

What We Do

DeafTawk aims to eradicate the hurdles in communication that the deaf community is facing since many years. Keeping in mind about our target audience, we tend to assist the deaf in communicating in different scenarios, through our online sign – language interpreters.  Not only do we provide sign – language interpretation services in job interviews, but as well audio and video interpretation for films and music.

How We Do

In this digital era, we have to become tech savvy, and so the mobile application is one way to become closer to technology. The technical team of DeafTawk has come up with a mobile application. The sign – language interpreters and deaf can register accordingly, and use the app free of cost. The application works worldwide.

Why choose us?

Interpreters 24/7   We have 280 interpreters on board that provide quality service in different sign languages.
Schedule an appointment – With our application on the go, you can schedule at any time who can provide you quality service on the go.
International Recognized – DeafTawk has teamup with various international partners like DeafReach to help train interpreters to provide a global platform for all of them. 
Diversified Team – Our team is diversified when it comes to gender equality and disabilities.
Indirect Jobs